The NPC Scale

The Nurse Professional Competence (NPC) Scale



The NPC Scales, original version (88 items) and short form (35 items) are used to measure self-reported competence among nurse students and registered nurses. The NPC Scales and its Manuals may be used after receiving approval by the NPC Research Group. Asking for approval is made by sending an email to professor Margret Lepp. An approval is only valid for the current study asked for.


When the NPC Scale original version (88 items) is used, the following reference must be stated:

Nilsson J., Johansson E., Egmar A-C., Florin J., Leksell J., Lepp M., Lindholm C., Nordström G., Theander K., Wilde-Larsson B., Carlsson M., &  Gardulf A. (2014). Development and validation of a new tool measuring nurses self-reported professional competence -¬The nurse professional competence (NPC) Scale. Nurse Education Today 34; 574-580.


When the NPC Scale Short Form (NPC Scale-SF) 35-items is used, the following reference must be stated:

Nilsson J., Engström M., Florin J., Gardulf A., & Carlsson M. (2018). A short version of the nurse professional competence scale for measuring nurses' self-reported competence. Nurse Education Today 71; 233-239.